About the New Sports Ocean Sports Center

The New Sports Ocean Sports Center is located in Dapeng Peninsula, a famous outdoor sports and leisure tourism destination in Shenzhen, and sits next to Judiaosha Beach, the most beautiful beach in Shenzhen. It was formerly known as the Shenzhen Ocean Sports Base and now has become a designated venue for many international, national and provincial water sports events.

The project is planned to develop into an international one-stop vacation-oriented marine sports tourism destination in Shenzhen or even South China that integrates various functions such as sea sports promotion, marine leisure travel experience, marine-themed catering, holding of professional water sports events, training on professional water sports, outdoor games for enterprises and public institutions, and upscale business reception.

Phase I of the Center is planned to include professional ship berths, a sea sports training center, marine-themed restaurants, high-end private conference rooms and exclusive beach recreational facilities, and to offer the public a diverse selection of fashionable and experiential water sports, including sailboats, yachts, motorboats, kayaks, paddle boards, Flyfish, paragliders and diving.

Opening Hours

Weekdays: 10:00-18:00 Weekend and Holidays: 10:00-19:00
If there is special activity, the extension time will be notified

2Service Offerings
Recreational services
Professional training

diving training

sailing training

Catering services

New World Restaurant

Coastal Star Bar

Themed events

First New Sports
Dapeng Coast Triple Challenge

New Sports
Seafood Festival

China Cup
International Regatta

New Sports
Beach Music Festival

3Ticketing & Special Offers

Please follow our WeChat official account "新体育海洋运动中心" (“New Sports Ocean Sports Center”) and click on “我要玩海—票务价格”(“I want to play with the sea - ticket price” ) to book tickets.

4Visitor Services
Dapeng weather


Traffic Guide

Address:No 12, Xindong Road, Nan'ao Sub-district, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen

Buses:Dapeng Holiday Line 1, Dapeng Holiday Line 2, Shenzhen-Huizhou 3 Seaside Line, E11, E26, Peak Line 50, H92 Tourist Line, M231, M232, M279, M457, M471, B752, B753, 818, M423, M457, M471, B753, 833

Take one of the above bus lines to get off at the bus stop "大鹏中心" (Dapeng Center) and then take M274 to arrive at the stop "桔钓沙" (Judiaosha) or "浪骑" (Langqi), which is 2 minutes walk from the destination. Navigation and searchable: New Sports Ocean Sports Center

Contact Us

Scan the QR code to interact with us via our WeChat official account "新体育海洋运动中心" (New Sports Ocean Sports Center) or call: 0755-28380817


Boutique Hotel of New Sports Ocean Training Center

Hotel rating: three-star level boutique hotel

Contact: 0755-89903861

Reference fee: RMB500-1,000 per room per night

Lavenna Resort Judiaosha Shenzhen

Hotel rating: five-star coastal resort hotel

Reference fee: RMB1,000-3,000 per room per night