New Sports Ocean Training Center

Situated between the sea and Qiniang Mountain, the New Sports Ocean Training Center is one road away from the New Sports Ocean Sports Center and possesses a secluded campus and advanced hardware and software facilities. In such "closest-to-the-sea school", students can enjoy the natural beauty of sea and mountains in Dapeng Peninsula while finishing their professional training. Capitalising on the venues at the New Sports Ocean Sports Center, the center has developed a comprehensive training business system featuring Ocean sports.

Outdoor track-and-field ground

Indoor gymnasium


The center is equipped with more than 20 functional rooms, including classrooms and conference rooms, which can accommodate training sessions with different needs and multiple classes. The ever-upgrading sports venues such as track-and-field ground, tennis courts, fitness room, indoor gymnasium and outdoor basketball courts, not only provide students with professional teaching facilities, but also open up more ways for popularisation and penetration of leisure sports. The three apartment buildings of the center are built with more than 100 star-level guest rooms which can well meet the needs of students for quality accommodation. The restaurants at the center concentrate on enriching Chinese and Western cuisines and upgrading the dining environment. The newly launched "Ziwei Restaurant" can offer students and visitors premium casual dining experience. In recent years, through continuous upgrading of its hardware and software facilities, the center has become a permanent training venue for certain departments of the Shenzhen municipal government and the designated training venue with accommodations for the Shenzhen Sailing Team. We have secured deep partnership with a number of domestic and foreign training institutions to develop the center into a comprehensive training base featuring ocean sports in Shenzhen.

Star-rated rooms


Functional classrooms

 Customer Services

Outdoor services: nautical camps, multi-theme summer camps, various outdoor group games, etc。

Training and teaching services: ladder classrooms, multi-functional laboratory computer room, handmade art room, reading room, music room, dance room, Chinese cultural center, financial culture center, sightseeing terrace, etc.

Living services: gym, stadium, restaurants, guest rooms, laundry, fitness center, etc.

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